With rvrapid you can change your static PDF's into interactive, dynamic digital publications.

There are several interactivity types supported in rvrapid:


Any hyperlinks that are in your PDF will be preserved, and you can easily add extra links once your publication is online. Links can be web addresses, email addresses or page jumps.


You can add video easily - you can use YouTube or your own hosted videos. Note that YouTube videos will not be available offline in the apps. A video can either be a button on the page that pops up in a window, or you can embed the video right in the page.

Image Galleries

Adding images galleries is a simple process, you can add images from anywhere they are hosted, such as Facebook or Instagram. Image galleries can be on the page to provide an 'image rotator' effect or be a button that pops up in a window or as a full screen gallery.

Other Interactivity

The full Realview Publishing Suite offers a whole range of other interactivity options, such as pop ups, twitter feeds and maps. Ask about upgrading today.