To add interactivity, simply click on the image of the page and drag out an area for the interactivity.

For a hyperlink, drag out the area of the hotspot.

For video and image galleries, the area on the page depends on whether you want the video or image on the page or as a pop up. If you want it on the page, drage out the area for where the video or image gallery will take up on the page. If you want them as a pop up, drag out the area where you want the icon that indicates the pop up is available.

Once you have drawn the area on the page, select the type of interactivity from the toolbar on the right:

Once you select your interactivity type, you will see options for that type. For example for a link, you can select the style, the URL for the link and the hover text.

Click Save once you have finished adding your interactivity. You will need to save every interactive element you create.

Note that you need to click the publish button for your interactivity to appear in your digital publication.