Readers can either login (Realview subscription) or purchase in app.

Realview Subscription

Works the same as our current system. Subscribers need to subscribe outside the app in order to create a login and password that they then use inside the app. Supports single issue, archive access etc (all the features of our current subscription system).

Third party (external login) is supported in the app.


There are two options, subscription and single issue purchase. They are not linked to the Realview subscription system at all.

In-app purchases are anonymous. At present we don't offer a way to get the user details after a purchase has been made in-app.

Prices are in set bands. You cannot make up your price you need to select from predefined price bands. These prices are automatically converted into the local currency of the subscriber.


This is the equivalent of granting access to everything for a period of time. If someone buys a subscription they have access to all issues that will be published in the time period of the subscription and everything that has already been published. Once the subscription period finishes, they will have access to nothing. Subscriptions recur by default, in other words they renew themselves until the subscriber opts out.

There are set length subscriptions - 1 week and then 1,2,3,6 and 12 month subscriptions.

Single issue

Subscribers purchase access to a single issue. Unlike subscriptions, the user will have the issue forever. The issue needs to be setup in our system and Apple / Google before it can be sold. Each issue is an individual product in iTunes, so every issue in an archive will need to be setup as a product if individual issue purchase is a requirement. Apple needs to approve these single issue 'products' so there can be up to a 24 hour delay until a new issue becomes available for individual sale.