Errors causing your publication not to load properly (eg, the loading logo is stuck over your publication), can be caused by settings on the particular computer/device which are out of our control:

  • Beta browser versions: We do not support beta browser versions, as they are not finalised or released yet, so we have not completed out testing on them.
  • Ad blockers: Certain ad blocking software strips the JavaScript from the publication and will not allow it to function correctly.
  • JavaScript not enabled: Realview publications will not run if JavaScript is not enabled, so please ensure it is active.
  • Old browser versions: Some of the older browser versions we are no longer able to support, or they are not advanced enough to support modern technology.
  • Obscure browsers/devices: Whilst we try to support cross browser/device compatibility, there are unconventional, unheard of or poorly built browsers and devices out there that we cannot support.

    We currently support the latest versions of the following browsers:
    On Windows only:

    - IE7
    - IE8
    - IE9
    - IE10

    On Windows and OSX:

    - Firefox
    - Chrome
    - Opera
    - Safari

    Native Android (not forked implementations) v 3.2 and higher:
    - the bundled browser

    IOS 5.1 and higher:
    - mobile safari