How to create an in-app purchase in iTunes Connect

1. Sign in to iTunes Connect using your Apple ID and password: 

2. Select Manage Your Apps, select your App and then go to Manage In-App Purchases

3. Click Create New in the top left corner of your screen

4. Select Non-Consumable (this is for a single issue)

5. Enter the Reference Name, this will be the name of the single issue that will be purchased. Eg. “March 2013 Issue”. This will only appear in iTunes Connect and not in the App Store.

6. Enter your Product ID, this is a reverse URL identifier composed of letters and number, typically your bundle ID with the specific issue number. Eg. com.realviewdigital.[publicationname].[issueid]

7. Please select the correct Price Tier for your issue (there is an app pricing matrix for you to view if you aren’t sure)

8. Click Add Language and select language of display name.

9. Enter the Display Name for the issue that is for sale. The display name will appear in the pop-up message when buying the app. The message will say for example “Do you want to buy one March 2013 Issue for


10. Enter the Description (this can just be the same as the display name)

11. Hosting Content with Apple: Please leave as NO

12. Review Notes is optional

13. Screenshot for Review: You will need to create a screenshot of the front cover for the issue for purchase. For portrait publications please create in this size: 640x920. For landscape please create:

1024x768. If your cover is a different aspect ratio it must be padded to conform to this size

14. Then once the front cover has been accepted, click Save

15. Submit this new in-app product to Apple for Approval