GameThrive setup (Note:  if you have previously created a gamethrive account when following our instructions for iOS push notification setup, please skip this step)

Follow instructions here for setting up your gamethrive account -

Google Play setup


 see instructions here:

You only need to complete steps 1 to 5

At Step 1, please send the project key to your account manager

At Step 6, please send the API Key to your account manager

Custom Iconography

We can create a custom icon suitable for use with push notifications, based on your app icon.  You just need to supply us a white version of your app icon on a transparent background.  See for more information.

Alternatively, please provide the icons named and sized as per the table below  (white only, transparent background, png format):

IconNotificationDefault-xxxhdpi-v11.png  - 96x96

IconNotificationDefault-xxhdpi-v11.png - 72x72

IconNotificationDefault-xhdpi-v11.png - 48x48

IconNotificationDefault-hdpi-v11.png - 36x36

IconNotificationDefault-mdpi-v11.png - 24x24

IconNotificationDefault-xhdpi.png - 48x48

IconNotificationDefault-hdpi.png - 36x36

IconNotificationDefault-mdpi.png - 24x24

IconNotificationDefault-ldpi.png - 16x16