Generate your certificate

 1. Open a browser window, and go to Click Member Center, log in, then select Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles and click on the Certificates link located in the left hand panel. 

2. Click on the + button and you will see a Add iOS Certificate screen. 

3. Select the  "App Store and Ad Hoc" certificate type, then click Continue

Note:  if this option is greyed out, you will need to revoke an existing certificate first

4.  Now follow the on screen instructions to create a  Certificate Signing Request (CSR), then click Continue

5.  Click on Choose File, select your Certificate Signing Request and click Generate

If we have requested your .p12 certificate, follow the instructions here to generate your .p12 certificate.

Generating an App Store or Ad Hoc Distribution Provisioning Profile

1. Click Provisioning Profiles in the left hand panel 

2. Click the + button, then select the Ad Hoc provisioning profile types.  

Note:  Ad Hoc profiles can be used for both test builds and for submitting live builds to the app store

3. Select the App ID then click Continue

4.  Select the Certificate then click Continue

5.  If you are generating an Ad Hoc profile, Select the devices then click Continue
6.  Give your provisioning profile a name (eg MyAppName Ad Hoc)and click Generate

You now have the certificate and a provisioning file you send to Realview.