File Manager

File Manager is a storage location within PAC where you can host your own images, videos and other material required for your Realview publication. Your files are stored in a secure location on the internet and can then be placed on you publication via a URL link provided to be inserted in the Add Interactivity section of PAC. Hosting files in PAC’s File Manager is essential if you so not already have your files hosted somewhere else on the internet.

How to Upload to File Manager

1. Log into PAC
2. From the tree on the left, select the publication you wish to upload files to
3. From the orange toolbar along the top, hover over Site Tools and drop down and click on File Manager.
4. To upload your files, click Pick File, then browse for and Open the file you are uploading. Or drag and drop the file into the box
5. Hit Upload. Do not navigate away from this page until the file is fully uploaded and you see the new file appear in the list.



This function allows you to select and remove files that you would not like to keep in file manager.  Simply tick the box below Select for the file you would like to delete and click the trashcan icon located below the boxes. You will be asked to confirm ‘Are you sure you want to delete?’ Select OK. You will receive a confirmation message ‘File(s) deleted’.

File Name

This function tells you the names of the files that you have uploaded to File Manager along with the file format.


The most important of the functions – this display the URL’s which locate and display the hosted files that you have uploaded. These URL’s are copied into the Viewer Config or Interactivity page to display the images, videos or buttons etc. which they lead to.

For a comprehensive guide on adding interactivity via file manager please read the V3 Interactivity Guide.