1. PAC http://pac.realviewtechnologies.com/ from the tree on the left select the issue you wish to add contents to
2. From the Dashboard under Issue Tools click on Edit Contents
3. The front cover is automatically placed in the contents section already. But you can now add additional sections for each contents section you wish to create fill in
   - Name – The title of the section
   - Description – This is optional, but allows for a blurb or brief description of the section
   - Page – The page number to jump to
5. Click Save Changes. Your new contents section will now appear under the Front Cover contents entry
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each of the contents sections you wish to add
7. Your new contents sections will now appear in the contents panel on your toolbar.


  • To delete contents entries, tick the box in front of the corresponding entries and click the trashcan delete button.
  • You can save the contents as a template if you have the same sections in each issue. To do this click Save Contents as a Template.
  • To clear all contents, click Clear Contents.
  • ALSO PLEASE NOTE: If the publication page numbers do not begin with page 1 as the front cover (i.e. you have CV1, CV2 or i, ii, iii, iv for the front covers, and the page numbers to do not begin until a few pages in) you will need to type the page number two or four pages ahead to accommodate for the cover page folios.

    For example, if you have CV1, CV2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc… and are adding contents to jump to page 2 of the publication, you will need to actually type in to jump to page 4. This is the two pages ahead to accommodate for the two unnumbered cover pages. Readers will now be jumping to the actual page 2 written on the publication.