To distribute a publication publishers can take the cover link provided in PAC, a HTML code which can be embedded into a website or HTML emails to distribute to readers, which displays a thumbnail image of the front cover and when clicked on is a link to the publication. With the cover link/HTML code you have two options:

1. If you collect the code at the publication level in PAC, the link will automatically update to the latest live issue, without having to change the code. This works best if you are having one link on your website that you want to always link to the current issue.

2. If you collect the code on the issue level, the link will be to that particular issue. This works best if you are planning to have a page on a website linking directly to each issue, not just the most recent.

To collect your cover link:

1.  In PAC select either the publication level or issue level on the tree.
2.  From the orange toolbar along the top of the page hover over Site Tools, drop down to and select Cover Link.
3.  The standard parameters for the link are 150x0 pixels, and the front page. But you can alter these here, and also select to have a drop shadow effect. If you do edit this, click Get Cover Code to refresh.
4.  You can then see an example of the links below. You have two options here. The top code is for the Image and Link. The bottom code is for the Image Only.
5.  Copy the code you want and embed it in the website or email required.