The Realview digital publishing platform promotes an advanced interactive online experience. Image galleries, videos, callouts and twitter feeds are easily added using the web based Publisher Access Centre (PAC) and interactivity features work across a range of devices:

    • Hyperlinks

    • Image Gallery


View examples of this interactivity in the following publication:

Interactivity is added in PAC through the V3 Interactivity portal .

To place interactivity you:

  1. Select the page from along the top scroll bar

  2. Select the type of interactivity from the side of the page

  3. Click and drag the area to create the overlay which will be the ‘hotspot’ to activate the interactivity

  4. Enter in the details for the piece of interactivity

  5. Save and publish (Note: clicking 'Publish' does not publish the issue as 'LIVE' if it is unlive, it simply publishes the interactive changes you have made on that page.)

The Interactivity Guide which you can download below takes you through how to add interactivity through PAC:

There are also video tutorials in PAC or via our Youtube page: