An image gallery allows you to present a slideshow of images either through a popup presentation or viewed within the actual page of your publication. This is an excellent way to make your page an interactive, interesting experience.

- Display –

     - 'Popup’: This requires a play button. When you click on your button, the image gallery will pop up in the middle of the screen. Please upload your play button icon to file manager. Tutorial video here:
     - ‘In Place’: The image gallery will play in place as a slide show in the area where you have created the overlay. Tutorial video here:

- Button icon – full URL to button image – This is the image that appears on the page to activate the image gallery. We recommend using an image that directs the reader to click on it. (E.g. an image that might say “play button” or “click here”).

- Rollover Icon – full URL to button image – This is the image that will appear once the reader hovers over the Button icon. This image can be the same or different to the button icon.

- Add a new image –
     - Full URL to image: Refers to the URL for the image needed. If you host your own images you are able to use those URL’s. However it can be much easier to obtain a URL from uploading images to Realview’s File Manager.
     - Caption: You are able to type in any length of text for the caption underneath your image.

- After adding your first image, continue to repeat this process until you have added all the necessary photos for your image gallery.

- The order in which you place the images in the interactive fields will determine the order they will appear within the image gallery. Ensure the naming conventions of your files uploaded into File Manager correspond with the page number and area of the page they will placed.
- Inline images have no caption.
- All button images will match the size of the overlay created on the page. Stretching and image modification may occur.

Image Size
It is important to think about the size of your images both in terms of pixel dimensions and file size. The images will be viewed on different screens and devices, so make sure they are suitable for all.

We recommend the following:

- Pixel size to be less than 1024x768
- File size to be less than 1Mb