Using Google Maps allows the reader to view an area/place that they may have had to originally search for themselves. There are all the same functions that you can find through Google. For example: street view, adjustable zoom and the click and drag function.

  • Latitude & Longitude – Enter in known Latitude & Longitude for centre of map. This can also be found via Google Maps by right clicking on the area you would like to use and hitting ‘what is here?’ This will bring up the Latitude and Longitude numbers in the search bar.
  • Types of Maps -
    • ‘Roadmap’: Gives the view of an illustrated map.
    • ‘Satellite’: Gives real imagery taken from satellites.
    • ‘Hybrid’: Overlays street names on satellite photos, for an easier way to identify what’s what from the aerial view.
    • ‘Terrain’: Show an incredible level of detail of the surface of the Earth.
  • Zoom (0-20) – When you increase the size of the number, the zoom will increase. The minimum zoom is 0, which will show a map of the entire world.