You can create a poll in your publication to gauge the reader’s opinion. Ask readers a multiple choice question and allow them to immediately view the results.

To create a poll, hover over ‘Site Tools’ in the top toolbar of PAC and click onto ‘Manage Polls’ –

  • Name – Type in the Title of the Poll
  • Question – Type in the main question of the Poll
  • Start and End Date – Enter in the period of time the poll will be active. Note: After the end date, only the poll answers will show
  • Poll Status - Select the preferred Poll Status
  • Answers - Enter in each answer, in order, one at a time

Now you can add the Poll to a page in your publication on the Interactivity page.

Enter the details below in the properties box:

  • Font Colour – This will need to be entered as a Hex Code Colour to change the colour of the text. Note: Do not include the # when entering the hex code.
  • Font Family – You may select from any web safe Font Faces (E.g. Ariel, Verdana, Times New Roman).
  • Font Size – This is the same font sizes as Microsoft Word.
  • Button Text – This is the submission button for the poll. You are able to enter any text that you would like to appear on this button (E.g. Submit, Vote).
  • Poll ID – Select from the dropdown box the Poll Name you created in Manage Polls