Wordpress Popup interactivity will allow you to take your already written copy from Wordpress and have this shown on your specified page. This removes all the excess time of having to write up your articles in a Callout. However, there is no customisation available for this piece of interactivity and images from your article will not be transferred.

  • Date the Wordpress post was published (yyyy/mm/dd) – Enter in the date that the Wordpress Post was published in the format of yyyy/mm/dd (E.g. 2012/01/30).
  • Title of the Wordpress post – Copy the title of the Wordpress Post exactly. Please be aware that this section is also case sensitive (E.g. Honey Glazed Pork). Avoid using symbols such as ‘,”/.
  • Wordpress Account (case-sensitive) – Enter in the name of your Wordpress Account. Please be aware that this section is also case sensitive.
  • Popup Width and Height (%) – This is measured by the percentage of the page scale (E.g. %80 width and %80 height, which will cover most of the page area).