For videos made ‘in-house’ this type of interactivity is best suited for you. You simply upload your video via File Manager and copy the URL into this section of V3 Interactivity. Your video is placed in our default video player which has the standard play, pause, volume, and close buttons. You also have the option to have the video automatically play as the reader turns onto the page.

  • URL to video – Upload your video as an MP4 to File Manager. You will then need to copy and paste the provided URL into this field.
  • Display
  • Width and height of video popup (pixels) – There is an automatic Width and Height, however you may alter the dimensions. This is measured in pixels.
  • Autoplay on load
    • False’: The video WILL NOT PLAY automatically when turning onto that page.
    • True’: The video WILL PLAY automatically when turning onto that page.
  • URL to Image to launch popup window (play button) – This is the image that appears on the page to activate the video. We recommend using an image that directs the reader to click on it.

Alternatively, if there is an image already embedded into the PDF that you would like to use as the button, you can use the URL that is automatically in this field for a transparent image.

  • URL to Hover Image to launch popup video (rollover image) - This is the image that will appear once the reader hovers over the ‘button icon’. This image can be the same or different to the ‘button icon’.


  • AVI/MP4 video will need to be converted into a streaming format.
  • Keep file size in mind when adding video. Ideally videos should be between 5Mb and 25Mb and be in streaming format. Some readers may be accessing you publication on mobile devices so keep the size as small as possible.
  • Popup dimensions are not calculated with popup, default sizes are automatic.