Realview can allow publishers to clip individual articles to pop up in the online viewer or to deliver a text version to a mobile viewer. This was originally built with newspapers in mind as an alternative way of reading the tiny print on newspapers, but is now also used by other types of publications.

eg take a look at this link on desktop - clicking on the headings to see the popup and a smartphone you will see the article viewer version.

Below are the steps needed in order to create an selectable article using the article extraction process. Basically you will be clicking and dragging over the area you wish to capture, then assigning it to a setting it as the title, subtitle, text etc.

Step 1:

In PAC select the publisher, then publication, then issue you wish to work on from the tree on the left. From the orange toolbar along the top hover over Site Tools then drop down to and select Create Text Content.

Step 2:

Select the page you want to work on. Clip the title by clicking and dragging over the area. The title will become the hotspot on the page to bring up the article. Drag the area to completely contain the headline and select Set Title from the yellow menu:

Step 3:

Repeat step 2 to Set Subtitle (if exists).

Step 4:

Select the text. Select the area on the page that cover all the text you need to capture. Some extra text will be captured which we can delete later:


Step 5:

Remove excess text. Remove the byline, break out quotes and image captions from the main text by editing the text in the text box on the right:

Step 6:

Add the contributor (by line):


Step 7:

Clip the photo. Get as much of the photo as possible without including the text surrounds (as best as is possible) and select set image:

The image will be clipped:

Step 8:

Clip image byline:


Step 9:

Clip image caption – remove the image byline (if needed):

Step 10:

Once the whole article is complete click save:

Step 11:
Once you have created a number of articles, you can then hit publish to view the articles on the issue itself.

Articles can be edited and changed if needed, via the text boxes within the the extraction section of PAC.

Some thing to keep in mind:

  • Only one image per article. Select the best/most relevant image for the article.
  • Only do news stories, NOT adverts, classifieds, special sections, council news, advertising features etc.
  • Save Feature does NOT clear the input boxes, so make sure to click on the page thumbnail to clear the boxes before adding details for the next article.
  • Smaller articles with no images shouldn’t take more than 10 - 15 seconds to complete.
  • It should take roughly no more than 1-2 minutes to complete articles with images, by-lines, quotes and captions; as they require additional manual formatting.
  • It should take no more than half an hour to complete a single issue. Though this varies roughly depending on the size of the publication as the time spend may change due to the number of pages and the complexity of the articles.