Realview is a digital publishing company which can help you to create digital publications, both online and as Apps.

The Process

To give you an idea of the process of what we do at Realview, basically we take your print ready, high res PDF and run this through our conversion process. During conversion all hyperlinks are picked up, then you also have the opportunity to add extra interactivity such as videos, image galleries and Twitter feeds. Once the publication is complete we make it live, and provide you with a HTML code which can be embedded in your website or emails, which is a link to the publication for readers. From the one system we can publish to all platforms of your choice including online, iPad App, Android App, iPhone App, Android Phone App and Facebook.

The Apps are essentially the same content, same pages but in an App, for offline reading anytime, giving your readers the choice of how they consume your content. You only have to upload your pages and add interactivity once through PAC, then we can automatically output to all selected platforms.

Benefits of Realview

Some of the benefits of Realview include:

  • Our publications are built using HTML rather than Flash, meaning:
    • No downloads or plugins required to view
    • Fast download speed
    • Cross browser compatible can be viewed seamlessly on PC, Mac, iPad and Android tablets, and smartphones
  • We have a full time professional team – always working to upgrade our service to the latest in technology
  • We have a friendly customer support team based in Australia, who are here to help you get the most out of your digital publication
  • We have the ability to create online publications as well as iPad, iPhone, Android and Facebook Apps all from the one system


Below are a few examples of some of our online publications:

Blackwood Annual Report

SATC – Eyre Peninsula Visitor Guide

Sydney Film Festival

Also here is our example brochure The Realview of Australia, which demonstrates the interactive capabilities of Realview.

Then to see some examples of our Apps, search for the following Apps in the App stores on iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or phone.

  • The Real View
  • Student Exchange
  • Film3sixty