The following outlines the general process of creating a new Realview publication from start to finish.

1. Once you agree to come on board with Realview for your new publication(s) you will be setup in our systems and billed for the initial work upfront.


2. You will then be introduced to your Support Manager who will take you through the list of assets we require for the setup - such as your PDF pages, logo, URL etc.


3. Once all is collected your pages are uploaded and converted, with all hyperlinks picked up automatically.


4. Your viewer is then setup, along with any apps, registration, subscription or custom work requested.

5. Any interactivity required can then be added by yourselves or Realview.


6. Once all setup, we perform our Quality Assurance testing on the publication, then send the link off to you to proof.


7. Once we receive your approval, we make the publication live and send you the HTML cover link to embed in your website or emails.