The most up to date viewer Realview have released is V3 (Version 3).

Below are some examples of some publications who are already on the new V3 viewer: - a fully customised example (additional charge)

Some of the benefits of the new V3 viewer include:

  • Better image quality
  • New toolbar layout to maximise screen availability for pages
  • Multiple zoom
  • Larger contents panel
  • Pinch zoom for touch devices
  • More interactivity options
  • Improved mobile platform

There are just a few items we need for the upgrade:

  • Your logo preferably in EPS format.
  • We will need your corporate colour in a HEX code.
  • How would you like the back issues to appear? Basically you have two options:
  1. Upgrade the back issues to V3 to have a consistent viewer on all issues. However, you will lose any interactivity, including hyperlinks, on those issues.
  1. Leave the back issues in V1 and keep interactivity.