If you are planning to add in SEO code to your publication or wish to add it to every issue you publish with us, please contact your account manager first to be given the permissions to modify this, the follow the instructions below to add SEO tags to your publication/issues.

If you log into PAC, you would see a new item under Site tools called viewer config. This is the area that you will need to be placing all of the SEO content in as necessary.

In the screenshot below youll see an example of a publication tree and the key. The key is there so you are aware of what section you are modifying.

Now what we would suggest is having generic SEO content placed in at publication level. This should just be about the publication itself along with a generic description and common keywords.
The reason we suggest this is in case the SEO doesnt get added to an issue or if its a bit late and the issue has already gone live, at least you will have some form of SEO content placed in.

To modify at publication level, please click on the publication name in the tree and then youll be modifying for the entire publication. If you wish to modify at issue level, click on the issue you wish to modify and any changes you make will only be for that issue.

Once you are in the viewer config page, scroll down to the SEO and click it to expand the list of editable items. Now if a field is pink, then it means it has not been modified at the current level (either publisher, publication or issue). To make this field editable, please click the button that has the >> icon on it. Screenshot for reference below:

Depending on what level you are on it will go either yellow, meaning publication level, or green, meaning issue level. In the SEOMetaTags field, you can place in any meta tags you need. The two main ones would be Keywords and Description. The code for these two are below.

<meta name="keywords" content=""/>

<meta name="description" content=""/>

You will need to put the required content in between the two quote marks for the content variable. eg:

<meta name="description" content="Spring 2014 Edition of PUBLICATION NAME contains articles about..."/>

If you wish to modify the Title of an issue, you will need to make the SEOTitleTag field editable. The code youll need for this field is:


You will need to place your content in between the two tags. eg:

<title>PUBLICATION NAME Spring 2014</title>

Once you are happy with all of your changes, scroll up to the top of the page and push the save changes button. It will do a quick refresh of the page once everything is saved. Then click the refresh cache button and your changes should be updated and reflected almost straight away.

Please be careful when adding the content and make sure that you are entering in valid code. If it is wrong, it could cause problems with the viewer or your changes wont make any difference as it wont get picked up by the search engine trackers.