If a publication requires to be upload via Azure and extracted, it must be done via the following link below.


You can login via your google account (make sure to use your Realview or production email for this)

Once you are in you will see the following below.

This is the main Azure home page, which has all the the current accounts of other users on it, (Please note that you can only see Realview.com.au account if you have one yourself) The accounts are where the publication issues are located and where they can be uploaded too.

To do this, you would need to click on your account name or the account name of the location you wish to upload the pages to below. You can see that i will be accessing my own account for this.

You will now get the title section which is under you account. Here is where you can access the issues for extraction and upload new issues and publications in order to be used on the platform.

To upload a pdf, you can do it in two ways:

- Dropping a single combined pdf

- Or Dropping multiple pages at once to make a combined issue on azure.

The first method of uploading i have outlined below, where you simply grab a file from it's location, then click, drag and drop it onto azure.

You will then get a popup box showing the file you wanted to upload and resending a upload button. Just simply hit the upload button, then wait for the file to finish uploading.

Once it's finished uploading, you will need to refresh Azure in order to access it, as currently there is no actively working close button on the upload queue popup.

It will then appear on the the issue listing after the page is refreshed.

The Same can be done for multiple pdf files as well, just like uploading a combined pdf, only you need to make sure to select the files you want to drop in, then grab and drag them onto the azure page.

You will then get the the upload popup again, but this time it will have multiple pages within it.

Using When it comes to multiple pages, you will sometimes get an issue where the pages are in a mixed up order, you can easily correct this by clicking on page 6 for example and moving it to the correct position between pages 5 and 7.

Then once you are Happy with the layout of it, you just hit the upload button, wait for the upload to finish, then refresh to see the completed issue.

(Please know, for larger files you will need to wait abit for the file to finish processing in Azure before it shows up. Not doing so can cause the file to error and will require for a reuploading of the pages again)