As of June 2016, this is a list of events being tracker in the Realview app.

All events are tracked with a unique, persistent, and non-personally identifiable string identifier.

Google Analytics Events

Category Action Label Value
Issue Load load the issue name
Device Rotation portrait 
Rotation landscape
the scene where the rotation occurred
Article View issue name article identifier time spent viewing the article
URL issue name url loaded into webview time spent in the webview
menu button AutoDownloadOff
menu button AutoDownloadOn
Menu button ShowAllIssues
Menu button ShowDownloadedIssues
Menu button DeleteIssues
Menu button custom button label 1
Menu button custom button label 2
Menu button custom button label 3
Authentication Login OK
Authentication Login Fail
Page View issue name page number  view time
Sessions Session Control start  (applicationStart or Resume)
 Sessions  Session Control  end (applicationSuspend)