If your publication uses the Realview subscription system then you will have access to your database of subscribers through PAC.

To manually set up a new subscriber and grant them access to the publication:

1. Login to PAC, select the publication you which to add the subscriber by expanding out the publication tree:

2. On the toolbar, select Add Subscriber:

3. Enter information for all of the Required Fields:


Number of Concurrent Logins Allowed refers to the number of times that a subscriber can be logged into the publication simultaneously, on different browsers and devices.

Check Email Notification if you want the subscriber to receive reminder emails when a new issue is made live.

4. Enter any Personal or Company details you want to record. Note that these fields are only optional, they can be left blank.

5. Once complete, scroll back to the top of the page and click SAVE:

6. The page will then refresh and a new field called Subscribe This User will appear. 

Select the type of subscription that you would like to grant the user from the drop-down list and select the start date. If you select a subscription option that offers access to the publication for a duration of time (eg. a 6 month subscription) then the end date will be automatically calculated for you.


If you subscribe a user to a 6 month subscription commencing 1 Jan 2016 the the user will get access to every issue that is published within the period 1 Jan 2016 - 31 Jul 2016. You can see which of your issues fall within this range by checking the issue's Publish Date via the PAC dashboard.

If you would like to send the user an automated Welcome Email with their login details and a link to the publication then make sure you have the Send Email option checked and then click Subscribe user and send email.