Before you intend to upload your low res download PDF into PAC check with your account manager or support manager that your publication has been set up accordingly with a download button.

  1. Sign into PAC: (your login and password would have been emailed to you)
  2. From the tree on the left select your publication
  3. Title your low res PDF the exact same way the issue name appears (ie. if the issue name is Spring Summer Issue 2013 then name it identically with appropriate upper and lower cases and spaces. If the PDF file name does not match the Issue name your download PDF will not work.)
  4. Select Site Tools from the top menu in PAC and click File Manager
  5. Select your region where you are uploading your file/s from: Australia, Europe or USA
  6. Drag and drop your file/s into the grey box. Or Select Pick File then Chose File to browse for and select your file.


Once it has loaded it may take a few minutes for it to appear below with the location URL, you may click ‘Refresh’ until the process has been completed. While viewing your publication, refresh your cache (Ctrl +F5 on a PC) and now when you click on the download icon in the right hand side toolbar your low res PDF should appear to be downloading in a new tab in your browser.

For further assistance please contact the office on +61 2 92991788 and ask to speak with Jessey, or email