Below are the steps needed to create and automatic live time and email send out.

1: From the tree in PAC, select the publication you wish to setup the auto live for.

2.   From the orange toolbar along the top of the page navigate to Admin Tools, drop down to and select Manage Scheduled Tasks.

3.   Under Task Details fill in the Description, select Task – Make Issue Live, select Schedule Task – Recurring. 

4.   Under Set options for recurring task on the calendar select the date of the first live issue.

5.   Select the frequency of the recurrence e.g. Run every 1 Days.

6.   Select the time to make the issue live e.g. At 08 hours 00 minutes. Meaning 8am AEST.

7.   You can then also select to send an email at the same time. Under Send Email Options select the email you wish to send (these come from the emails you have setup in PAC – e.g. Reminder Email).

8.   Select to send the emails to Active Users and/or Inactive Users.

9.   Select Save Task.

Note: Be careful with setting up the automatic email send out along with the auto live time, as the email will still be sent out, regardless of if an issue is made live or not.