Creating a hyperlink allows the reader to navigate immediately to a website by clicking the hotspot, without having to manually type the URL into the address bar. Or compose a new email to the selected email address.

      • On the Add Interactivity portal in PAC, select the page you wish to add the link to. Click and drag on the page to create the overlay where you want to create the hyperlink (hotspot).

      • Link – Enter in either a URL, email, or a page jump. To create a page jump, type in # and then the number of the page you would like to link to (E.g. #6 to jump to page 6).
      • Choose a style – You will be able to view how this style of hyperlink will appear on the right of the style box via preview.
      • Open link in -
        • New window/tab: Will open the link in a new tab or window.
        • Same window/tab: Will open the link within the window you already have opened.
        • Shared window/tab: Will open the link in a new tab or window. If you then click on another link, the new link will override the old and popup in that same window.
      • Hover text – When the user hovers over the hyperlink they will see this message (E.g. Click here, or Click to navigate to page 6).

      You can also view our tutorial video here: