Realview offer numerous comprehensive registration, subscription and security options which are outlined below.

Standard Registration

Registration can be optional or compulsory. Standard registration utilises the Realview registration library and has a range of standard fields and styles to choose from. Extra fields and specific styling can be implemented on request.

Registration includes the ability to send out welcome emails when users register, and issue reminder emails each time a new issue is published. It can also be used as a lead generation tool.

For more information about registration, please follow the below link:

The below link is to a publication with compulsory registration:

Subscription Models

Standard subscription allows you to grant access down to an individual issue level via a username and password. Subscriptions can be for a time period, where a subscriber will get all issues published within the time period; or for a number of issues. 

Standard subscription is integrated into an eWay payment portal that allows instant verification of credit cards in Australian or US currencies. Subscriptions are automated, with no manual work in the back end required. Subscriptions collected are remitted monthly less a transaction processing fee (10%). Alternatively you can setup your own eWAY account for us to integrate with so subscription revenue goes straight to your own account (

Standard Subscription utilises the Realview subscription library although very flexible, has limited fields and styles to choose from.

The subscription involves importing a list of users and allocating them each a username and password. New members can subscribe and be added and any later time. Anyone without a username and password will not be given access to the publication.

For more information on subscription see the link below:

Enterprise Subscription

Enterprise Subscription is another security option available. There are two setup options for Enterprise Subscription:

  1. Referrer Based: Setting up the secure publication by placing the link to the eBook in a secure location behind your website/intranet, so that members with access to this area can access the publication. We will track that only readers coming from the specific referrer URL will be given access to the publication. So even if someone shares the publication, non-members will not be able to read it.

  1. IP Range Based: Setting up the secure publication by registering in our system the IP address for schools that have purchased subscriptions. Anyone who accesses the publication while within the IP range will be given automatic access to the publication. Anyone outside the area will be stopped by a popup requesting a username and password before entry.

Subscription Integration

Another subscription option you may be interested in is integration with your existing subscription system. If you have your subscription gateway set up through your website/system already we can integrate your existing registered member system on your website with our subscription system. So when readers sign up for membership through your website, they will automatically become subscribed to the Realview online version of that particular publication and will be given immediate access. This will be achieved by the use of an API, of which we have two options:

  1. Client uses Realview’s API: This is our preferred method, as it is cleaner and easier for us to maintain. We will supply your our API. It will be cheaper for you, but there will be more work on your end to set this up.

  1. Realview use Client’s API: This method we recommend not so much. You will need to supply Realview your API. This will be the more expensive option, but less work involved on your end, as we do most of the work. 

App Subscription

The following link outlines the options available with subscription for apps: