You can define how hyperlinks open up for readers - whether it be in the same tab or a new tab.

The default action it New Tab/Window - as most commonly you would want your readers to easily be able to click back onto your publication to continue reading on the open tab

Same Tab/Window is another option. This would mean replacing your publication with the new website linked to. Though your publication is no longer open on any additional tabs, readers can still navigate to it by clicking the back button on their browser.

To define the action:

  1. Log into PAC on the publication and issue you wish to work on
  2. Got to the V3 Interactivity page and select the page the hyperlink it on
  3. Create your hyperlink if new, or click on it if existing
  4. Open the drop down box under Open Link In  and select the action you want

  5. Click Save and Publish to finish