You can replace single pages without losing interactivity you have already added, or having to create a whole new issue.  The following outlines how to replace a single page within your publication.

  1. Log into PAC and click on the issue you want to replace a page for 

  2. From the toolbar along the top hover over Site Tools and drop down to and click on Replace Page

  3. Select the issue and the page you wish to replace from the drop downs and click continue
    NOTE: You must go by the physical page number, NOT the page number that appears on the page

  4. Click Add Files, browse for and select the page file, then click Start Upload

  5. Wait until the page is 100% uploaded and complete. Production will then replace the page for you. You will receive a notification email once complete.

NOTE: It is important you do not navigate away from the upload page as it will interrupt the process and you will need to start again. Once your upload has been completed it may take a few hours for your updated page to appear in your issue as it will need to go through processing first. This is where all hyperlinks such as websites and email addresses will be picked up and activated.

For further assistance please contact production at